The process

The Process

The beads are collected from many different countries and checked for quality and value. We make sure that the best bead reaches you!


How do I Make it

It happens in three simple steps.

  • Beads Selection

    As Priya has friends spread across the globe she sources her beads from all over the world. India being one of the largest exporters of beads there is no shortage to find beautiful beads here.
  • The Design

    “Be yourself. Everyone is already taken.” A quote by Oscar Wilde has been my inspiration. I derive my inspiration from friends Ive made from all over the world. Their personalities inspire me to go beyond the regular stream of life and break barriers. The pieces are colourful, bold and fun – just the way I think life should be.Beading Hopeis more than just a name. It’s about connecting to all aspects of yourself in Mind, Body, Spirit and Style. My ultimate aim is to inspire women to feel fabulous and fantastic when they wear my designs.
  • The Making

    I work from home. Handmade jewellery often involves, simply, the assembly of existing elements—chain, wire, beads, cast pendants, etc.—and does not require special training or equipment beyond pliers, jewellery hammers, glue, and wire cutters.

The Beader for Hope

Being creative I wanted to make sure that whatever I create is unique and different just as each individual is. I wanted the person buying my jewellery know that what they possessed no other person on this face of the planet did. The jewellery I make is made from the heart, handmade and one of a kind piece. I would like to say that my jewellery may be simple but they are exquisite, pleasing and graceful.

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